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As one of the very first fence contractors to go on line with a multi-page website (circa 1998), we took advantage of internet marketing to showcase our work with lots of pictures, references, and bios of our staff. Since then, things have changed dramatically, to say the least.
With the introduction of social media, customer review sites and SEO (Search Engine Optimization), keeping up with our on line presence has become a nearly a full time job. Being a hands on, do it myself type person, I tend to get behind in this and most other tasks. Notice that my last blog post here was in 2013.
Recently, we have noticed that for several reasons, our online reviews have suffered in quality; almost entirely due to the fact that we get such a huge volume of requests for estimates on all types of fences and gates, since we offer Cedar, vinyl, ornamental iron, chain link and gate operators. Nearly all (I can think of one exception) of our negative reviews have come from folks who have been frustrated by our slow response time to their initial attempt to contact us regarding their fence or railing installation. While we are working hard to respond to ALL inquiries, the sheer volume can be overwhelming at certain times of the year, week and even day. We are one of the few local fence companies that have someone experienced and knowledgeable in all types of fence and railing installation answering the phone whenever it is possible. If we are unable to take your call or answer your email immediately, it is most helpful to give us some basic information about your fencing needs, and especially the jobsite location. As we see more and more congestion on the streets and highways of Denver, we have begun to focus our efforts on Lakewood, Golden and Wheat Ridge, as they are nearby. We are also more efficient and cost effective when not traveling across town to provide "free" estimates and hauling large, heavy amounts of material to the site.
Lately, our reviews posted on Angie's List have been exceedingly frustrating, since they have been telling us that they are rebuilding their site for that purpose since February of last year. Since that time, we have not had consistent access to read our reviews, and in turn respond to them. Many customers have told me they have tried to post positive, sometimes raving reviews of our great service and workmanship, only to not have their review seen on line. Their reason for taking a year to build a new site is "lots of data". OK.............
Angie's List went public awhile back, and we should all know what that means by now.
We have also had slow or nonexistent posting of reviews by other sites that we actually pay to be listed on. Unfortunately, there also seem to be more folks in general who will take the time to post a negative review about anything - hotels, restaurants, service providers, you name it - since they are obviously miffed about wasting their time or money. We understand.
We ask that when reading ANY review, you take the time to read between the lines, possibly get a feel for the type of person writing the review, and read several from different sites. As long as you are doing homework, do a good job of it.
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Posted on: Wednesday, February 4, 2015

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