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Many people contact us looking for "cheap" Cedar. The easy answer would be: "You get what you pay for". With over thirty five years experience not just building Cedar fences but actually paying attention to their condition as they age, I feel qualified to make a few observations. 

When we build or repair any wooden fence, the first thing we concentrate on is the posts - the foundation, as it were. Any good, long lasting fence has the proper posts installed in the proper way. The depth and diameter of the post hole, the type and amount of concrete used, the spacing and type/size post, are all critical to a sound fence that will withstand wind, snow drifts, heavy rains and runoff, neighbors, children, pets, sprinkler systems, erosion and all the other things fences are exposed to.

When buying our Cedar posts, cheap is not a consideration. A post that costs $14 vs. a $10 post, only adds about 50 cents per lineal foot to the overall initial cost of a 6 foot Cedar fence. On an average 200 foot back yard that costs $5000  or more to replace, we're talking about an extra 100 bucks. If the extra $100 means another 10 to 15 years life, we think its a no-brainer.

Rails and pickets are also important in the life of a fence, though not as important as posts. Ill comment on those in a future post. Til then....

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Posted on: Thursday, May 19, 2011

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