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Years ago, working as a full time, "professional" fence installer, I worked almost exclusivley with narrow picket Cedar privacy fences and chain link fence. I put the quotes around professional because I thought I was doing the work of a professional for the first several years I worked as a full time installer. Truth was, it was at least five years before I even had a clue about the finer points of the trade. Ten years later, with fifteen years of experience, I finally had a decent grasp on material selection and installation techniques. Today, after another twenty years, the choices for consumers are exponentially wider. PVC/Vinyl, Ornamental Iron, welded wire mesh, White, Yellow and several Red Cedars, plus an almost unending choice of Composite materials make life considerably more complicated, if not interesting. While every day presents new challenges and learning opportunities, we at Kayne's Fence have more than enough experience to "figure things out". This translates to a far superior job of installation, as well as selection of materials for our customers.

One frequently used example is ornamental iron fence that has been pre-fabbed. Just ten years ago, we fabricated and finished (painted) nearly every ornamental iron fence that we installed. Today, the product of choice that provides the very best value is a pre - fabbed product called Montage, manufactured by Ameristar in the USA. They make three standard designs that are all stocked locally by our wholesaler. The steel is galvanized and finished with a very durable and attractive, baked on "paint". We have jobs to see that were installed ten plus years ago using Ameristars products that still look new. Pretty amazing given our harsh Colorado climate. Another huge advantage to using the Montage line of fence is its "rackability", which allows each individual section to be "racked" on site, which allows the installed fence to match the terrain. Level ground is almost nonexistent in our area. The welded design, meaning each vertical picket is welded to each horizontal rail, makes it an excellent choice as well. 

To sum up, though there are lots and lots of choices for todays consumer, our customers, we have the knowledge and experience to choose the one(s) that will give the best overall value. A fence that will literally last a lifetime. Call or email us for free advice and not only estimates, but exact quotes on your fencing project.       

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Posted on: Friday, May 20, 2011

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