Cedar Fence

We constantly monitor and search the lumber market for the very highest quality western red cedar. Then, we install it using the best aluminum fasteners available. This prevents rusting/bleeding/staining, which all galvanized or coated fasteners will do in cedar. Unlike our competitors  we refuse to use "every last piece" of lumber to keep our costs down. We instead choose to allow approximately 5 to 10 % waste when purchasing lumber, so we can sort the material and install only the very best!


  • BELOW, left to right, top to bottom:
  • White Cedar Stockade with walk gate 
  • California chain link
  • Idaho Inland Red Cedar w/ top fascia and sliding gate
  • 6' high w/ treated stub wall
  • Idaho Inland Red Cedar w/ top fascia and walk gate
  • Lattice top privacy w/ exposed posts
  • 4' high Red Cedar 1x4 dogear spaced picket with arbor over gate
  • Galvanized Steel Postmaster Post
  • 4' high w/ Top Cap & Fascia, Exposed Posts
  • 6' Red Cedar w/ round steel posts, barbed wire top
  • 1x6 Cedar w/ 4' alternating panels
  • Z braced walk gate in 1x6 dogear Red Cedar


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