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1. Scheduling-Our goal is to install your fence in a timely manner.  Many factors are involved in this process.  Scheduling is made with considerations to sequential order, crew availability, area of town, and weather.  Once your job has been scheduled, you will receive a call from our installation department telling you when you can expect our crew.

2. Weather-Mother Nature can be a real challenge.  Rain and inclement weather affects our ability to install your fence and may alter our installation schedules.  Please be aware that while it’s not raining in your area, it may be raining in other places in the Denver area.  This may affect our ability to stay on schedule at your residence.

3. Utilities-We notify the utility companies to mark major public utilities.  Your construction site must be accessible for the utility company to properly mark public utilities.  We ask that you mark your private utilities such as sprinkler lines, and pool equipment lines.

4. Landscaping-Fences can accumulate vines and other vegetation on or near it.  For us to tear down the old and up the new, our crew needs to have a clean fence line.  We need ideally a 2 to 3 foot space on each side of the fence.  We advise you to either transplant or securely protect your important plants.  We also advise that you communicate this to your neighbors.  This is heavy construction and we must be able to move around with equipment and materials.

5. Pets-For their safety, your pets must be contained during fence construction.

6. Pool Fence/Temporary Fence-When we are installing a fence around a pool, we will put a temporary fence in place during construction. 
You still maintain responsibility for the safety of people on your property.

7. Fence Materials-We use premium quality cedar pickets to construct our fences. These pickets may be different
shades and some will have knots (tight knots only).  Slight cracks at the top and bottom of the pickets are within standards and maybe
found on your fence. 
These do not compromise the strength or quality of your fence.

8. Quality Control Kayne’s-Fence may send a supervisor during the fence construction to monitor the progress and handle any challenges
that may arise.  After the job is complete,we will follow up to ensure the job is complete and the cleanup is
done per our standards.

9. Bottom Gap-The bottom gap will vary based on site conditions including grade We strive to make the top of your fence as straight and level as possible, while keeping the bottom as close to the ground as practical. Your old fence was likely not just ON the ground, but most likely BURIED in the ground, due to years of accumulated leaves, dirt, dust and rocks. Excavated dirt from your new post holes may be used to fill gaps created by low spots in the grade.  Ask your sales associate to discuss options with you.

10. Clean up-We remove all excess fencing materials.  The dirt removed from the new post holes will be spread along the fence line.

11. Change Order-We use a change order form to alter the content of your contract, usually when something is changed, added or deleted. 
These change orders revise the scope of the work, and the cost of each will vary based on what stage the job is in.

12. Follow up all concerns ASAP-We are only a phone call away at (303) 232-4430.  Feel free to call us at anytime to discuss your concerns. 
Our installation and customer service departments are poised and ready to serve you.

13. Fence Maintenance-For iron fences, to prevent surface rust, care should include touching up chips or nicks that may occur from lawn care equipment.  For wood fences, power washes periodically to remove mildew or debris.  New wood fences can be stained to prolong the life and
beauty of the fence.

14. Warranty-We offer a limited warranty on materials and labor for one year with the exception of gate adjustments, which are limited to 90
days due to possible soil shifting.

Make sure all things you require are in writing with your representaitve.


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